Is it safe to hack a bitcoin address?

ITS QUITE SAFE. In fact, feel free to play over this. Hack as much as you want and spend as it pleases you.
Bitcoin transactions can never be traced to any particular user. Once money moves away from a wallet, it is gone. It cannot be traced, it cannot be reversed it can only be sent back!
It is 100% secured and safe.

Are you black hat or white hat hackers?

We are not hackers. We are programmers who believe that everyone should have the right to have access to any offensive tool and knowledge.

What is the purpose of running this website?

We strongly believe that “the best way to win a gunfight is to have a gun”. For centuries we’ve tried to defend hackers, with antivirus, with updates, and now 2fa. Isn’t it time we give this a try?

Why are some programs & guides are not free?

We try our best to provide as many free tools and guides as we can, we will only charge on certain products that require high maintenance and constant update.

Is it illegal to use the tools and guides you provided?

All the tools and information contained in our website is for educational and informational purposes only.

Am i allowed to share your programs/guides on other website?

You are allowed to share our free products on other website as long as you give us credit. You are not allowed to share our paid products, every download comes with a unique serial number, if you share it we will revoke your license and you will no longer have access to updates. And hunt you down.

Can I pay you to setup my programs?

We stopped the setup services due to shortage of employees.

Can I pay you to hack someone?

No, we are not hackers.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds.



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